Our parents are the most important people in the World because without them, I and you would not have been here right now so we should love and give them equal respect in this world. We should hear   parents (elders or teachers) advice dear sisters and brothers because these pieces of advice are very important to use in our lives.

My dear friends put God first in whatever you do and think in your life. Putting God first will help you a lot in your life and you will always be a successful person in this world because God will always be there for you all the time when you consider him the first person in your life.

We may have positive or negative thoughts,
But one thing that unites us is the love we have for this Club.
We are highly interested in offering charity to the needy
Offering community services as a group,
Rendering care and love to the disabled people.

Many people think that when they fail in anything,
They will fail forever in everything.
But it’s not true there is a room for improvement,
Remember that failure is a step to success,

I always care about other people
But they do not do the same for me
I love and cherish my friends but
In return they stab me in the back
I have a missing puzzle in my life and i
Don’t know who will find it
Who am I?