A massage from the deputy in charge of academics

I return the Glory and Honour to the Almighty God for having given me the opportunity to communicate to the public through our mirror, of cause not forgetting my employers.

Whenever I look at the beautiful compound, structures, the good and qualified teachers, the students from different walks of the life who are willing to benefit from the institution morally, socially and academically, 1 always first reflect upon the academic excellence of the institution.

In the academic arena, there are   series of things that should be done by the teachers, students and our dear parents for success to be realized. The staff members especially the teachers should understand their students’ weakness and strength   help them excel.

Dear students, success will always come up those who are committed to their books, well-behaved and ready to consult from their teachers. You should also go ahead and form discussion groups, follow your personal and school time tables, become time managers and above all love one another. (Unconditionally)

Besides that, Ecclesiastes 3 clearly states that, there is time for everything, I therefore advise my beloved students to do the right things at the right time and remain focused for a better future.

To my colleagues in administration and profession, team work will definitely enable us to produce the best out of our students as we “Strive for perfection”