The secret in scouting

We may have positive or negative thoughts,
But one thing that unites us is the love we have for this Club.
We are highly interested in offering charity to the needy
Offering community services as a group,
Rendering care and love to the disabled people.

Actually if most of our leaders today are scouts,
Why not embrace the spirit for our Club?
Sincerely, this Club is simply amazing ad interesting
Because we get to move to different places  
Like kazzi Camping site, Mombasa in Kenya, sometimes in Tanzania
Where we have more fun and adventure as well as interacting with people
Let’s take part in the December tours for fun
Because were got to explore more of the unknown whole heartedly,
Iam proud to be a member of the scouts club,
Because of the service we offer to the
Community and the example we serve
So girls and boys, let us love the Club
Join it, live and give it
“Look wide” For God and my country!!