Iam so grateful   to be part of the Staff at Progressive S.S Kitintale and a contributor to the 3rd edition of the “Mirror” Magazine.

I thank the Board of Directors and the School Management Committee for upholding the school Mission and Vision which have moved the school to greater Horizons.

When we talk about spiritual brotherhood, as authentic as it possibly sound to the many, Scripture Union Marks the difference in the scholars having broadened its appeal in terms of spiritual counseling, love peace and harmony. I bet we are rocking with the scholars of mega fellowships, heartfelt sharing, blazing praise and worship. Readers believe it; this is just impressive stuff for transforming you.

Iam esteemed for the precious chance to interact with the stakeholders, friends and well-wishers of Progressive S.S Kitintale. I find it appropriate to thank the proprietors of this school who brilliantly found it important to educate the young ones as we strive for perfection as our motto says.

An employer has the right to expect his or her employees to conform to a reasonable standard of conduct. Employees who act in an inappropriate or unreasonable manner can damage your business by creating unhappy coworkers or, even worse, unhappy customers or clients.

Morals spur academic excellence

A student’s life demands values that enhance desired goals.

Academic success class of principles that override self iniquities, virtues, life self determination, discipline, hard work, humility, self control, integrity, endurance, prayer etc can open doors to greater academic horizons.