I thank the entire School upon the successful publication of the 3rd Edition of the “Mirror “Magazine. In the same spirit I commend the Board of Directors, School Management Committee, the Administration and above all our dear parents for striving to place our school to greater horizons. I believe, “the sky will be the Limit”

First and foremost, I would like to thank the Almighty God for giving me life and opportunities to serve this institution.  I also thank all the other stake holders who have supported us especially at the time when I want to execute academic programmes in this institution. The DOS’ Office is gradually moving on well inmost all areas that is;

If you try to beg someone a cup after him/ her using it, the reply will be first wait Iam going to use it gain.

If you try to ask for a half of his/her   piece of chapatti, she/he will tell you first wait I will buy for you yours alone.

I return the Glory and Honour to the Almighty God for having given me the opportunity to communicate to the public through our mirror, of cause not forgetting my employers.

Dear brothers and sisters, being handsome and beautiful does not mean you are on top of others.

It is not you to say that am beautiful or handsome but someone else.