A massage from the DOS’ office

First and foremost, I would like to thank the Almighty God for giving me life and opportunities to serve this institution.  I also thank all the other stake holders who have supported us especially at the time when I want to execute academic programmes in this institution. The DOS’ Office is gradually moving on well inmost all areas that is;

Staffing for man power , teacher leaner relation is bridged, seminars, outside classroom  education , excursions, resource personal , God fearing environmental and above all the learners’ discipline has greatly improved.

The DOS’ office analysis individual leaner’s performance from the weekly monthly tests that are filed and pinned on the notice board for further  strategies  to give every child better results.  Our office also takes charge of the end of year promotional passmarks to candidate classes as we restrict or do not admit in candidate classes.

However, our office is faced with challenges of day scholars’ poor punctuality to school, parents paying fees late and this affects learners’ lesson attendance, some students are sill erratic with their discipline and this needs continuous guidance and counseling; scholastic materials are sometimes lacking by some students among others.
I therefore encourage every stake holder to do what is takes to have this school a better institution as we “strive for perfection”

Thank you, May God bless you.