Prom 2018

When you hear about PROM, you feel profound and the immediate attack in your mind is the search for the perfect dress, who your prom date will be then the last thing is the luxurious gift you expect from you “PROM DATE” as he in most cases having the least expectations of a gift from you.

You both feel anxious and exchange glances until when he decides to ask you to be his prom date. And of course he gets a positive reply.You both then choose attire for the day with the least expectations of a disappointment , for you are both limited to each other since your eyes haven’t examined beauties outside school.

The day comes and you are both eager to see the look that will appear at the first glance at your fancy dress and that nice  suit and borrowed height for the day due to the high heels you are wearing. You eat and drink, for the day is entirely yours. He now asks for a dance from you, for reasons, you don’t hesitate since he has already given your gift as you expected. Even without opening it first, you are already happy and you then pour out hilarious dance strokes for him. The day ends leaving sweet memories in you of that PROM of 2018 and for the spinsters and bachelors, it leaves in them craving for another prom but for the stubborn years they only move forward not backward.

By Mwebaze Allan (S 5 Arts)


S.4/S.6 Farewell Party

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Visitation Day (S.1 - S.6)

Inter-House Games & Sports Competition
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End of term II Exams (Mocks S.4/S.6)

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