Getting heart lens

I always care about other people
But they do not do the same for me
I love and cherish my friends but
In return they stab me in the back
I have a missing puzzle in my life and i
Don’t know who will find it
Who am I?

I, who finds a solution for other,
Peoples problems but in my time of trouble
Every one runs away
I who keeps silent about my troubles
Because   I have no one to listen to me
I who thanks the world is too
Small to accommodate me and
My problems because I feel useless
Who am i?

I, who moves about aimlessly,
Because I think Iam a failure
I think about it over and over again
I who has no shoulder to lean am weak
I need to stand up and take up
My place
Yes, I should!!!

By: Nabcwa Mariam Liziki F.3b