A message from the deputy administration

Iam so grateful   to be part of the Staff at Progressive S.S Kitintale and a contributor to the 3rd edition of the “Mirror” Magazine.

I thank the Board of Directors and the School Management Committee for upholding the school Mission and Vision which have moved the school to greater Horizons.

At progressive, our targets area is to provide a wholeistic student ready to fit in all walks of life. No wonder even after students joining other institutions and the job market, they maintain the school’s flag up through acceptable virtues and hard work.

The School Environment is conducive to carter for the needs of our learners. The physical set up like the spacious classes, dormitories and a well designed outside  environment which has enabled incident leaving of our students.

The modern computer laboratory served with internet services, a well stocked library and two well equipped science laboratories which have aided the teaching and learning of our students.

At Progressive, we have empowered our learners to live beyond the academic life through computer skills, Entrepreneurial skills, talent discovery especially in games and sports, Music Dance and Drama, Patriotism, scouting and environmental management. Therefore we produce job creators not job seekers. 

I thank all the Teachers, parents, students and   all the disciplinary committee members for their endless effort in shaping the learners’ discipline. Educational discipline has provided directions, impressions, motivations, opportunitities and alternatives which has led to academic excellence over the years.   The academic parenting strategies together with the guidance and counseling teams within and from outside have moved along way in shapping the students’ discipline.     However, I encourage all stake holders including all students to polish some areas which are not up to standards for us to have a better school.

At progressive, we teach the Body, the Mind but most importantly the “Soul” special thanks go to our CHAPLAIN, the IMUM and the VISITING PASTORS for the spiritual nurturing of our students which has helped us to shape the learners discipline.
It has also helped us to produce responsible and God fearing citizens.

The School’s  Daily Routine compels learners to be busy throughout the day Monday – Saturday, students wake up at 4:00am, prepare and by 5:00am they go for morning preps, 6: 30am – Breakfast,  7:00am – Normal lessons – 10 :20 am Break Time, 1:00pm Lunch ,  6:00-7:00pm - supper,   7:00pm – 9:30pm -  Evening Preps and by 11:00pm lights off.

Every Saturday,   7:00- 9:00pm they go for the mass. On Sundays’ they wake up at 6:00am and go for jogging, 8:00am – 9:00am Breakfast, 11:0 – 1:00pm – mid morning preps   and in the afternoon, they prepare for the new week as others go for entertainment and games.

Such a rich routine has helped us to inculcate a spirit of hard work and discipline. Though at the beginning some students find difficulties but later they adjust accordingly.

I finally thank all the readers of the mirror magazine, parents and other stake holders to fully associate with our school as you are aware that according to NELSON MANDELA   “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”

“Strive for perfection”