A message from the visionary director

I thank the entire School upon the successful publication of the 3rd Edition of the “Mirror “Magazine. In the same spirit I commend the Board of Directors, School Management Committee, the Administration and above all our dear parents for striving to place our school to greater horizons. I believe, “the sky will be the Limit”

In conjunction with   fellow Board Members, we have tried to sacrifice a lot so as to make progressive a home away from home through physical infrastructural developments like the spacious Classrooms, Dormitories, Modern Computer Laboratories, Science Laboratories,  a Well Stocked Library , a  Well Furnished  Sick Bay, safe and clean water, stand by Generator among others.  All the above facilities are a result of the parents’ contributions in form of school fees.

At Progressive, we have put our children’s welfare at the fore front specially a well balanced Menu, safe drinking water, DSTV facilities, free mattresses, a clear learning and living environment.

I also cherish May Staff with all the desired competences to move this school to another level. These are more than parents ready to attend to all our children’s needs and I pray that our children   (S.1  -   S.6)    remain  in school  to achieve their academic  needs.

At progressive, we understand the weight of responsibility that comes with nurturing the next generation and is committed to its mission and vision. In the same way, I believe that education is about far more than mere passing Examinations but also inculcating values, developing skills and shaping character. The above skills are what Progressive S.S Kitintale is striving to develop in our children.

Conclusively, I thank the Editorial Team, my administrators and parents for the financial input. Together we shall make Progressive .S.S Kitintale a better school and His glory will be felt Globally and this will be possible if we put God first.